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4 Different Ways to Free Up Space on Your iPhone

Not Enough Storage. Do you see this too often? Well, you’re not alone. 

This is the problem of many users, though the iPhone seems to have enough spa...

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Packing a Backpack for Mountain Climbing: The Right Way to Pack Your Climbing Backpack

Fresh air, incredible view, unforgettable adventure… There are so many amazing reasons why we love mountain climbing. Though the preparation process can be really exhausting. You have to fil...

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How to Childproof Your Smartphone and Make It Kid Friendly

Cracked screen, spilled juice or dirty fingertips? Every parent can relate to these situations and what’s worse physical damage to your Smartphone is not the only thing to worry about. For yo...

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8 Proven Tips on How to Protect Your Laptop in a Backpack from Damage

Which one would you choose if you had only one option, scratches on your body or your laptop? This is not a crazy question. With this question, I try to understand your connectivity level with your...

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Are Today’s Modern Glass-Backed Smartphones More Fragile?

Do you have an eye on beautifully arranged devices at mobile stores? Yes, me too! Let's agree not all of us dare to buy glass-backed phones. We are afraid they will get crushed immediately afte...

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Mother's Day Gift Guide for the Modern-Day Moms

“No need for presents! My best gift is you!”  always tell the mothers when they are asked about the gifts they would prefer. Don’t follow their sweet rejections! It is their...

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The Best Protective Cases for Galaxy S21 Series

While some people take their smartphones for granted and never bother to protect them, other owners pay close attention to the security and flawlessly appearance of their mobile device. Without a d...

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How to Clean Your Smartphone and Its Case

We always touch our phones, which were in contact with different places and have millions of bacteria on them. Phones are usually considered one of the dirtiest things that we have close contact wi...

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Series Release Date, Price, Features, Specs and Leaks

For years, the Galaxy S-series smartphones from Samsung have been equipped with high-quality, innovative functions and the new 2021 models are expected to do the same. The Galaxy S20 series will re...

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