How to Clean Your Smartphone and Its Case


We always touch our phones, which were in contact with different places and have millions of bacteria on them. Phones are usually considered one of the dirtiest things that we have close contact with. They carry dirt, bacteria, and grimes, so it is important to clean them frequently. Some germs and viruses may stay on surfaces for a few hours up to several days depending on the environmental conditions and the surface material. Even the infamous Covid-19 may be transferred from a phone’s surface. 

Luckily it doesn’t require much effort to get rid of the microbes, but it is as important to do as washing your hands. The answers of how to clean your device and what to avoid, you may find below!

What to avoid when you clean your case?

You may read many recommendations about cleaning your phone with soap and water, but most phone manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple do not recommend that method.

 People use soda or toothpaste for tougher stains, however, such things are not safe for cleaning as they can damage the screen or block the ports. Instead, you may clean your device using alcohol-based cleaning or disinfecting wipes.

How To Clean The Phone?

First and foremost unplug your phone before cleaning and wash your hands with soap so as not to transfer extra bacteria. Take your phone out of the case and gently wipe it all around with a soft, clean, lint-free towel or cloth with the disinfecting liquid on it. Don’t use any spray directly on the phone, it may get inside the phone and damage it. Important to note that the disinfectant cleaner should contain at least 70% isopropyl, it is the dose by which nearly all the germs can be killed. Be attentive not to transfer the moisture into the phone ports it may seriously damage the phone. Avoid excessive wiping or scrubbing your display as it could take off the oleophobic coating on the screen. 

Bleaches, hydrogen peroxide, aerosol sprays, or other abrasives are not allowed to be used. 

Before cleaning any of your devices, it is advisable to the manufacturer’s instructions.

How to Clean the Case?

As your phone case protects your phone from damages, it also takes most of the bacteria on its surface. This relates to not only the cases but also the other accessories which you attach to your phone.

 Unlike cleaning the phone, the case, cleaning can be a bit different, here you have a chance to wash it under the water with soap, if it is recommended by the manufacturer. Washing the case for 20 seconds is enough to destroy all the germs. You must wash it thoroughly from inside and outside, only then the case can be disinfected.

 You may also wipe the case with 70% alcohol-based disinfecting wipes, Clorox wipes, or Lysol wipes. 

Don’t hurry to put your phone back in the disinfected case. Put the case aside to dry for some minutes. Immediately putting your phone in a newly washed case can transfer moisture to your phone which might slow down or damage the device.

How To Clean The Cords And Ports?

The alcohol-based wipes could be also used to clean your charger or earphone cords. They accumulate a bunch of bacteria and germs on their surface as well.

To clean the ports, you can use a q-tip damped with disinfectant liquid. If you have a lot of dirt or dust inside the ports, you can clean them with sticky taps by pressing them on the ports.

Other Solutions

If you are sometimes too lazy to do all the cleaning procedures, the manufacturers offer you antibacterial accessories. The main idea behind these products is their antimicrobial protection surface. For example, the silver ions embedded in glass screen protectors are able to kill nearly all bacteria which might be gathered on a screen.


Cleaning your phone and accessories should become a “tradition” for you which you follow as soon as you return home from outside or when you have free time. Try to disinfect your phone and its case at least once in a day or in two days. It won’t harm if not help if you do it more than once. Keeping it germ-free takes only some minutes. 

Good cleaning habits won’t work if your phone is used by other people too, don’t let them pick your devices or use them, as it also is a big source of microbes. Following these tips, you may significantly limit the spread of bacteria from your device.

Have you already cleaned your phone today? If not, why are you waiting for?