Arrivly is a family-owned business from the city of Bremen in Germany offering protective cases and screen protector films of the highest quality. Our small business started with 1-2 products sold locally, but now we have grown into a large company selling products in EU countries.

Inspired by the latest fashion and tech trends, Arrivly was born out of innovation and curiosity. We focus on constantly developing new, innovative functions to our products, with the goal of simplifying everyday life for everyone. Smartphones and smart gadgets have become one of the most, if not the most, important and inseparable tools in our everyday life, and its growing role requires functional and fashionable protection.

Our simple goal is to be one of the leading brands of mobile accessories by ensuring that each of our products are crafted to perfection and loved by our customers as much as their favorite device it envelopes.

To create a truly great product we believe that you need to start with a simple idea and improve it to perfection. Every stitch, every detail, every button should be crafted to perfection. We try to find the beauty in simplicity by bringing you a product that is so complete in its purity and understated elegance to an extent that you can not leave anything away without compromising its intention.

One day we were browsing amazon for iPhone 8 cases, and we came across a huge selection of different brands with various seemingly cool features and even better designs. But soon enough we realized that it was just clever marketing. Despite many brands promising ‘slim and stylish cases that offer exceptional protection’ we couldn’t find a perfect match that actually ticked all the boxes. So we decided to bring this simple yet incredibly important idea to life. We sat our sight on creating something that you will proudly show off to your friends, your colleagues but still have a sense of relaxation, as you know, no matter what, no matter where, no matter how harsh the drop, your expensive gadget is safe.

It’s a challenge to complement an already perfectly-made smartphone but we are here for it and offering you our idea of a beautifully crafted protection. What are challenges if you are not ready to meet them head on, right? We get pure satisfaction out of trying to create something uniquely simple, yet undeniably necessary for the most enjoyable experience our customer could possibly have. Improvement, innovation, yearning to reach perfection, that’s what’s driving our journey, that’s what’s in our DNA. We use the latest technology, the best materials and a lot of love to create bestsellers that are characterized by quality and reliability enhanced with elegance and luxurious design.