Are Today’s Modern Glass-Backed Smartphones More Fragile?


Do you have an eye on beautifully arranged devices at mobile stores? Yes, me too! Let's agree not all of us dare to buy glass-backed phones. We are afraid they will get crushed immediately after being dropped. Glass-backed phones are a comparatively new reality and it requires time to get fully used to them and have no fear of buying. We experience the growth of this market, but let’s see why it happens and whether they are worthy to be so widespread? 

What Structure Did the Phones Have Before the Glass Back?

Do you remember your first phone? If you are above twenty, most probably your first phone was an irresistible Nokia, which is still alive and usable if you ever decide to reuse it. Smartphones all look similar from the first glance, but an incredible evaluation took place till they reached today’s look. Before proceeding to glass-backed phones, the prevalent part of the phone industry was producing plastic-backed phones. Metal and glass-backed phones became widespread simultaneously. Nowadays the users always have heated debates over the topic- which one to choose and which one is comfier. This is the evolution that took place in the phone industry for decades. Let’s see what the future holds for us.

Why Has the Glass Back Become Popular on Smartphones?

People have habits of trying new things as soon as they appear. Glass-backed phones were not an exception. Their popularity incorporates four fundamental reasons that we found out. 

The first one is the feeling. Most of the users claim they experience different feelings taking different phones in their hands. The feeling is connected with the material. Plastic-backed phones will never give the same satisfaction as metal or glass-backed phones do. They are pleasant to hold in hand, are comfy, and flat. This tiny detail made the manufacturers redesign their products to provide that pleasant sensation. Though the users of the Nokia/Microsoft Lumia series will claim it is not true and plastic-backed phones can be equally comfortable.

 The second reason is their uniqueness. This material helps designers to introduce multiple eye-catching colors and patterns, which otherwise wouldn't be possible with other material types.

The third reason is wireless charging. Glass-backed phones get easily charged on wireless charging pads, which becomes more and more popular. They have very small interference compared with metal-backed ones. 

The fourth reason is the price. Depending on the material type and quality, the phone prices differ. Usually, plastic-backed phones are cheaper than the other ones. However, most people don't like to use cheap-looking items and they always follow the trends.

Which Are the Most Popular Glass Back Phones Nowadays?

Nowadays, the most prominent flagship smartphones have a glass back design, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the Huawei P20 Pro, Google Pixel 3, or Apple iPhone XS. According to research, the glass-backed smartphone market will grow exponentially in the upcoming years. According to some statistics, over 60% of smartphones were glass-backed at the end of 2020. All the companies will turn to this design sooner or later because of growing demand.

Are Glass-Backed Smartphones More Fragile?

The answer to this question is quite controversial. To understand the durability level of different glass types, we need to have laboratory level testing. Many people did some experiments because of interest. They put several phones side by side and started to hit them with different objects. Surprisingly the glass-backed phones are more resistant to scratches and bumps than plastic ones. But this mainly depends on the shock level.

The market of phone-glass-materials is getting developed along with the phone market. The top-quality glass backs have high resistance against scratches that make the phones look worn and dull. Some of them are fingerprint-proof that helps the phone to shine with its captivating clarity. Some glass-backed phones are getting easily damaged from the edges, that's why nowadays they are designed with aluminum alloy. The disadvantage of this type is its inflexibility, unlike the other glass-types. To make them more secure, manufacturers harden them chemically by immersing them in baths of molten salt and placing them under high compressive stress. This makes the glass flexible and resistant to damage. To estimate the glass durability in advance is a challenging task, the customers need to believe and rely on the manufacturer’s promise.

The new generation of glass material is already available in the US. This glass material helps the phones survive after being dropped from greater heights.

How to Prevent Them From Getting Damaged?

Our smartphones are an inseparable part of our lives and our faithful friends, and we have to save them from undesirable accidents. We like when people comment on them or notice their beauty. No doubt that glass-backed smartphones are worthy of the best praise. We need to keep them safe from damages not to lose their charm. Glass-backed phones have a unique design. How can we protect them by keeping that important component? Find some unique design cases for your phone and enjoy its long-lasting beauty. Phone cases protect the devices from shocks and scratches. Besides, the quality covers help to hold the phone comfortably in your hand. Remember that keeping the phone safe costs less money than repairing it after getting damaged.

The Bottom Line

Most smartphone users like the quality and unique design of their device, but they also want to be sure of its durability. We advise you to check the brand reviews before buying your device. Common users will help you to make the right decision and find a long-lasting product. However, keep in mind to buy a cover of whatever device you purchase. Cases keep safe from any undesirable accident that could happen.

We are fully responsible for our device look, and many things are dependent upon us. Let’s agree that there is nothing with a 100 % guarantee. We shouldn’t put our device under the hammer and complain that it didn’t resist the bumps. Find ways to be more attentive and take care of your smartphone.