8 Proven Tips on How to Protect Your Laptop in a Backpack from Damage


Which one would you choose if you had only one option, scratches on your body or your laptop? This is not a crazy question. With this question, I try to understand your connectivity level with your device. Many people would say it’s better to have scratches on the body but not on the laptop: the first one will be cured but not the last. 

Our smart devices are so dear to us that we start to treat them like our babies. We have to ensure their protection when we carry them from one place to another.

If you don’t have a laptop bag but a backpack, you need to take extra care of the undamaged carriage.

How Can a Backpack Damage a Laptop?

The laptop is not completely secure in the backpack. Carrying it with a backpack may result in several issues, such as

  1. Screen damage: If we pack other things, such as pens or pencils that might be stuck inside the laptop, may result in serious screen damage.

  2. Data loss: Running or walking, having the laptop in your backpack can make the magnetic disk change its primary position inside the hard disk. This continuous shaking can result in data loss.

  3. High humidity: If the backpack is made of a non-water-proof material, it can create high humidity during rainy weather. It is not a favorable condition for a device to be and affects its normal functionality.

  4. Overheating: When we forget to turn the computer off before placing it in the backpack, the processor continues to work in a close area, causing overheating. That drains down the battery, or even worse, the processor can burn out, and you have to buy a new laptop.

How to Protect Your Laptop in a Backpack

To ensure the full security of your device, make sure the below-listed actions are completed!

Turn the Laptop off

Remember to turn the laptop off before putting it in the backpack; otherwise, it will stay active, generates a lot of dust from the backpack, drains down the battery, and damages the processor. You can also put it in sleep mode instead of shutting down.

Remove Hard Devices

Take the hard devices- including headphones, USB, microphones out from the backpack when you need to carry your laptop. The things which you have to take, such as the mouse, charger, keep them in separate compartments, to prevent their contact with the laptop.

Choose Right Material

Manufacturers produce backpacks from diverse materials. Finding a quality and practical backpack is challenging. You should be sure that the material will carry the weight of your laptop and other staff which will be in your bag. Besides material, the quality of the zips is also essential. Low-quality zips can bring many inconveniences.

Use Protective Sleeves

Laptop protective sleeves are available in the market; buy and put the device inside the safety case before heading on your way. If you don’t have such a sleeve, you can also use plastic bubble paper or any soft cloth to wrap around the device and place it inside the backpack.

Take Out Liquids 

Don’t keep liquid things in your backpack; take out your water or coffee bottle to prevent undesirable accidents. 

Besides, your laptop can get damaged because of rain. This problem can be solved by buying water-proof backpacks. Such backpacks are humidity resistant and never betray you in any weather conditions.

Keep Laptop in Its Compartment 

The backpacks have separated compartments for different objects, the biggest compartment with special pads is for the laptop. Make sure the rucksack has such a compartment before buying. If it has some other small pockets, it gives you only privilege. You can arrange your staff carefully there. It will ease your job to find things from your bag and will prevent the rub between the items.

Choose The Right-size Backpack

Backpack size matters! Too small and too big backpacks are not good for your device. You have to find one, which will be the perfect fit for the laptop.

Anti-theft Backpack

Who says that you should protect the laptop only from external damages? What about the thieves? The world is full of untrustable people. Buy an anti-theft backpack, its design is completely different from the usual ones. It decreases the chances that the device can be stolen from your bag.

The laptop is pricey itself. Its protection costs a hundred times less money than its repairment. Don't save money to buy as important things as your device protection essentials. They are worthy!